Quality Policy

Specifically we

The management of Oasis Grace LLC has defined and documented the following commitment concerning Quality. Every staff member has the responsibility to ensure that the intentions of this policy statement are understood, applied, and maintained within their own activity area.

  • To develop and maintain the processes needed to produce a level of construction and project management of a dependable standard of quality and at a competitive
  • To foster good relationships with clients by effective communications, and inviting feedback-comments / compliments and suggestions from them.
  • To continually improve the effectiveness of Integrated Management System.
  • To ensure employee constantly aims to improve the overall quality of Company products and services


By adopting this philosophy, Oasis Grace’s clients are assured of an excellent standard of completed projects / services following contractual indicators and related specifications. Management has the ultimate responsibility to maintain the quality policy and shall promote all initiatives to attain and improve quality to:

  • Provide all personnel adequate information and training to facilitate all tasks to be undertaken with a consistent standard of quality.
  • Make certain excellent relations between the Company and employees are effectively maintained.



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