In Oasis Grace LLC, we conduct all our business activities in a manner which complies with the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate and to internationally recognized standards.

Our Services

Setting project goals

Our project manager thoroughly familiarities/ with the project’s complexities because of his involvement in the pre-construction phase. Along with the superintendent, the project manager organizes a series of meetings with the design team and all the subcontractors to review the project’s organization, lines of authority along with-establishing its procedures and rules.

Safety Program

We are committed to maintaining the safest job-site possible through our “star safety” program. Weekly toolbox talks on all job-sites keep safety a top priority for all employees. Our— safety director, along with the superintendents monitors all subcontractors for adherence to the safety program.

Job cost and accounting

Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date job cost accounting system .. is a key tool in the effective management of a project. This system allows for early detection of potential problems with a subcontractor or supplier, so they may be averted before they occur.

Project close-out and warranty

We produce a detailed schedule of close-out activities that start with the development of our own punch list as trades complete their work, not waiting until the very end of the project. We coordinate and manage the start-up and testing of all mechanical, plumbing, electrical systems, collecting and cataloging all operating manuals, and assisting in the training of client personnel in the operations and maintenance of all systems.

Construction Service Overview


Oasis Grace LLC,  a construction company is commited to setting the highest standards for service and performence in the construction industry. We understand that this can only be professionals and uniquely talented craftsmen with “one” comon goal; “the success of the project”. Through experienced leadership and attention to detail, we ensure the sucess of our client’s objectives.

Our Project Manager and superintenders are given the system, tools and support needed to enable them to produce higher quality, timely and more cost-efficient results.  The most important goal of project management is
simply to return value to the project through accelerated construction and innovative planning. The following outlines the basic services provided during the construction phase of the projects.


Scheduling and Monitoring the Project


Down the smallest detail,we develop a comprehensive construction activities.we monitor and evaluate the progress of the work ensuring that “critical path”is always maintained.From our project manager to our laborers,our approach is one of “hands-on”leadership by being involved,making decisions and resovling problems quickly to ensure success.

Oman’s Best Home, Commercial Places Improvement & Renovation Specialists

New Home Extension

A Home Extension can increase the value of your property and is the best form of investment for your future. Whatever house extension your are considering, either a second storey extension or ground floor extension, at Oasis Grace L.L.C we will take the time to Iisten to your requirements and together we’ll design the best Home Improvement to suit your changing lifestyIe

Building Design Specialists

Over the years Oasis Grace LLC Construction received great recognition for outstanding renovations and extension building. Clients choose Oasis Grace LLC Construction because of their reputation within the industry and the community as being a Iong standing, reliable and dependable house renovations & extensions builder in Sultanate. Their integrity rewards customer with a lifetime investment

Commercial places Improvement

As your family and business grows, so can your home and work pIace through renovation or extension, without the unnecessary disruption of moving the famiIy and business away from their famiIiar surroundings and Iifestyle.Our dedicated and experienced team of consultants, draftsman, engineers, interior docor advisors and administration staff, can bring together .

Let’s Build Something Together

Building and home renovation today is more exciting than it has ever been! Oasis Grace LLC is a well established renovation, extension and home buiIder in SuItanate of Oman, with over 11 years experience and with a reputation for reliability and dependability. Oasis Grace LLC ensures you are rewarded with a Iifetime investment you’ll be proud of.

Scheduling and monitoring the project

Down to the smallest detail, we develop a comprehensive construction schedule, outlining all material requirements and construction activities. We monitor and evaluate the progress of the work ensuring that “critical path” is always maintained. From our project manager to our laborers, our approach is one of “hands-on” leadership by being involved, making decisions, and resolving problems quickly to ensure success.

Information and documentation-keeping you informed

We maintain a current record of all related documentation both in our office and on-site to keep it readily accessible when needed. We conduct weekly construction progress meetings for cussing on action items for each of the involved participants to track and manage them, ensuring completion, and control over the job’s progress.

Establishing and monitoring quality

We utilize a computerized system to establish and expedite shop drawings and submittal on time. By personally checking all shop drawings and submittal, we make the appropriate corrections and ensure proper and timely delivery of materials. We also coordinate the testing of all required materials to meet both municipal k and specializations requirements, following our ongoing quality control checks.

Pre Construction Services

Understanding you and your needs

OasisGrace LLC’spre-construction servicesstart by getting to know you and your organization. In order to better understand your construction needs.

Managing Approval

Oasis Grace LLC’s pre-construction staff has a through and comprehensive understanding of the governmental processes required to build your project.


Oasis Grace LLC will deveIop a comprehensive project scheduIe incIuding design, bidding, permitting and construction phases.

Timely and accurate estimating

During the course of design development, a “rolling” estlmate will be maintained to keep the design team aware of the budget at all times.

Final documentation review

We will review all construction documentation to insure its accuracy and that assumptions made during the design development have been included.

Bidding and contract supervision

We wiII use its extensive subcontractor base to deveIop a comprehensive Iist of quaIified firms, which match the needs of the project.

Construction Service

The proactive approach is the foundation of Oasis Grace LLC, pre-construction philosophy. We provide accurate and timely information to
ensure that both the design and the project is completed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner to guarantee commitments by delivering as promised, ensuring your project’s success


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