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Oasis Grace LLC civil construction company

 Oasis Grace LLC, is an Excellent Grade Civil Construction Company located in MBD, Ruwi,Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Over the last 20 years, we have established ourselves as the "Most Respected and Trusted company " in the field of general contracting in Oman. Growing steadily over time, we have the complete infrastructure in place and many successful projects to our credit. In the commercial and institutional construction, we have undertaken large, complex projects ensuring on-time delivery and great quality within the mentioned budget. Our organization has a fully computerized Estimating Department and thorough State-of-the-art Technology and Information systems, we continuously update our database, vendors, and subcontractors, which allows us to develop precise information on any construction project. A significant milestone for Oasis Grace LLC has been the association with the A1 Hashar Group has opened bigger opportunities, widening and improving the scope of operation, performance, and helping consolidate our position.

Our Growing Reputation

Our growing reputation for excellence, resourcefulness is no accident. lt is a naturaI consequence of the vaIues that have guided our company since its founding. These incIude an energetic enthusiasm for what we do. Sensitivity to the needs of our customers, a wiIIingness to accept totaI responsibiIity and a craftsman like pride in knowing that what we buiId will last for generations. WhiIe some in our industry might find these attitudes oId-fashioned, we beIieve they are why knowIedgeabIe businesses. Organizations and architects throughout our region, pIace their confidence and their trust, In Oasis Grace LLC construction. SimpIy put, we think its better way to buiId.



We build, manage and design structures with passion, service and quality for progress and human well-being.


“To continue being an efficient General Contractor working in an ethical and balanced manner to earn the privilege of being the general contractor of choice”.


We treat our collegeus with Respect, looking for integral development, safety and welfare of our employees regardless of their position, status, gender, race, beliefs and preferences. We treat others as we would like to be treated


We deeply enjoy our work. Our passion is manifested in our personal commitment to quality in everything we do and is reflected in the attitude with which we relate to our stake holders.

             Our Team

Oasis Grace has a substantial equity in the construction sector of Oman having achieved remarkable growth while contributing to the deveIopment of Oman. At Oasis Grace, we have succeeded in creating a wide base of satisfied customers whose smiles reflect our deIiver- ance and commitment to quality Over the last decade, Oasis Grace with its strategic expertise, strong execution capabilities, commitment to adopting the highest quaIity, safety and environmental policies has become a trusted pIayer in the Sultanates construction sector.At Oasis Grace we remain conscious of the fact that we have to raise the bar and set even higher standards for ourseIves.

Jose M Robin

Managing director

“Don’t run behind success, run behind excellence and success will follow.“ The Oasis Grace LLC name is well known in the construction industry specialising in general contracting for more than 20 years. The Company is recognised as an industry leader in civil construction and quality service built to high standards. At Oasis Grace, we guide our clients thoughtfully through the design stage and construction process with a high degree of understanding and conviviality. Our expertise brings sound, practical knowledge to the table; we take great pride in helping others realise their vision. Passion, integrity and experience – these are reflective of the corporate values that we consistently cherish the most.

We value respect, transparency and commitment. Clearly the key factors for enabling us to develop strategic alliances with those we work with. Our hallmark is unmatched service, competitive pricing, and quality construction. Client satisfaction is our priority; has been so from the time Oasis Grace was established. We are steadfast in our social responsibilities. Provide suitable training, employment and growth opportunities to our nation at all levels.

The Oasis Grace LLC name has been prevalent in the construction industry speciaIizing in generaI contracting for more than Ten years, during which we have estabIished many Iong-standing relationships. Oasis Grace LLC is recognized as an industry leader in civil construction and quality service buiIt to high standards.At Oasis Grace LLC, we recognize the value of communication and the compIexities of the building industry. We do our utmost to guide our cIients through the design and construction process with a high degree of comfort. Our expertise brings sound, practical knowledge to the table and we take great pride in helping others realize their vision. Our team provides a high degree of sophistication combined with a down to earth ability to explain matters and the capacity to assist with a wide range of projects.Passion, integrity and experience – these are reflective of Oasis Grace LLC’s corporate values. We have assembled a team of professionals that complement the foundation on which we have based our philosophy. 

Whether it is a design build or general contracting project, our hands on approach sets us apart. We vaIue respect, honesty, and commitments– key factors in being abIe to deveIop strategic aIIiances with those we work with. Oasis Grace LLC provides you vaIue through unmatched service, competitive pricing and quaIity construction. CIient satisfaction is our priority.Oasis Grace LLC is committed to social responsibilities and is providing suitable training, employment and growth opportunities to Omanis at all levels. I thank you for taking the time to read about our Company and our ongoing commitment to buiId and develop excellent products for our valued clients.


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Oasis Grace LLC


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